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  As is the story with many Italian American families, the Angiulli/Cavello story starts 4 generations ago when the families moved over from Italy through Ellis Island.  They brought with them recipes from all over Italy and have passed on these recipes over the years.  The families settled in a town right outside of Pittsburgh and food has been the fabric that has been the common thread throughout their story.  

  Martin "Mop" Angiulli and Patricia Cavello met and fell in love, and had three beautiful children.  They, along with sister Belinda #coalminersdaughter, started a restaurant in Ford City, Nite Courts, and poured their heart and soul into it.  When their son Marty was offered a division I scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, they were torn because their boy had grown up and was heading away from home.  On an almost off hand comment, Mop told Marty that if he found a restaurant the family would move to Cincinnati and he could help run it.  Lo and behold, a few months later, Marty called him.  "Dad!  I found the perfect place!" .  The Angiulli family brought their time tested Italian recipes, seasoned with a Pittsburgh flare to the Cincinnati scene and Martino's was born. 

  Mop and Patti, now also blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren, continue to operate Nite Courts in Ford City and Martino's and regularly can be seen traveling back and forth between both restaurants sharing a joke with customers or hollering orders back to the kitchen.

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